Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Author's Autumn Visit to Amish in Montgomery County # 12

    Photo by author
Note: If you look near the front of the roof of the buggy, you can see the light blue door frame of the house. The Amish in this area all have blue doors on their homes, as do their schools.


  1. Is there a meaning behind painting the doors blue? Thank you for sharing these photos from your trip!

    1. Hi Christine, I tried to find out the reason and all the research I did points to tradition. The Amish where I visited in upstate, NY have derived from Wilmington, PA who also have brown top buggies and blue doors.
      Some say the blue door "tradition" can be traced to old Pennsylvania German superstitions that were heavily influenced by the Scots Irish of Pennsylvania.
      According to such belief, a blue door or gate is an effective talisman against evil - much like a horseshoe hung above the door. They are difficult to speak to when it comes to questions, so this is what we have to go on thus far. Thanks for looking! :)