Thursday, October 16, 2014

You Know You're in Old Order Amish Country When...

There are no wires going to the utility poles

(photo by author)

The properties have a buggy instead of a car or truck parked on the land...and lots of fire wood. 

(photo by Sylvia Hasenkopf)

There are only manual tools around.

                                                (photo by Sylvia Hasenkopf)

Your car seems to be the only car on the road.

                                                                   (photo by author)

There's lots of this kind of scenery while driving along...
                                         (photo by Peter Maran)

Red barns give way to unpainted ones.

(photo by author)

You see out houses, clothes drying on lines, and no colorful decor around. This photo says it all...

(Photo by author)
All photos taken in Montgomery County, NY

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