Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Church Wagon?

                                                   Photo by Sylvia Hasenkopf
   Another 'discovery' while driving around the Palatine area....I'm trying to figure out what this larger wagon (the white one) is used for. Probably to transport something.
Being Sunday today, I'm wondering...could it be a church wagon? It looks a bit small for that, unless the district has only a few families. And why would it have windows if just for transport of benches? Hmmmm.
   But since we're on this subject, here is a bit more discovered info...the Amish have 'church' in their homes. Every two weeks services are held in the house of a different family where all the church members of that district gather. Thus the reason for needing benches.
   Much preparation goes into cleaning the home or the barn (if large enough they hold church in the barn) and also in having simple foods ready to serve at the common meal that follows. Usually peanut butter spread, cheese, hearty bread, and pickled beets, or even a soup (in winter.) Foods that can be served quickly to a large group and also be economically practical.
   Church wagons are used to transport the backless benches used for sitting during the service, and also used as make-shift tables for the common meal.
                                                  Some benches fold, for easy transport.

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