Sunday, February 9, 2014

Time for Some Amish Humor-

 Of course, no offense is meant by any of these photos or expressions. Just for
some smiles...

And now for a few humorous expressions. (See if you know what is being said.)

"The ginger-ale is all,  but the soda is yet." 

"You are all the time such a bodderation."

"Ma and Pa are on the table and Johnny has et himself already."

"I ain't got feet wet, I have on my gums."

"Jackey, you go now and throw the horse over the fence some hay."
"Perhaps we get a gust."
(Below is an adaptation of the original...)
On the phone, a local man understood that the sheriff wanted two thousand pigs for the county farm. 
Later, after going to many farms, he called the sheriff back. 
"I could only bargain for 120 pigs. Sorry, I couldn't get the two thousand pigs."
"Man," the sheriff shouted, "I wanted two sows and pigs."

Taken from: Quaint Idioms and Expressions of The Pa. Dutch. by A. Monroe Aurand, Jr.

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