Thursday, August 8, 2013

This Week's Visit to Amish Country-

     As promised, here are some further discoveries from my recent visit back to Stone Arabia, in Montgomery County, NY. this week. Bear in mind that this community is a conservative sect of the Old Order Amish.
     A good friend came along, and was able to keep watch for other cars (and buggies) as I took some photos, always mindful not to take any of the Amish while in close proximity. Nor of myself, posing in front of their private properties, tempting as it was.

    Some interesting facts about the Amish we interacted with...
    1- They speak with a slight Germanic accent.
    2- They are quite cordial to 'outsiders.' 
3- As mentioned in a previous post, the Amish of this particular area sell goods and wares from their own homes. We could not find one Amish gift shop or bakery. We came upon a wooden sign in the road that read: BAKED GOODS EVERY WED. AND THURS. We followed the direction of the sign and found a young woman selling her goods at a stand set up near the road in front of her home. Below are the rich cookies I purchased. LOTS of butter.
     I tried to keep a conversation going about her pies and cookies, so as to hear her accent. I learned that whoppie pies, which she had on the table, are filled with a cream made of butter and sugar. Not whipped cream as I'd assumed.
     When leaving I said, thank you, and asked how the Amish there say it. She said: denki, and pronounced it with an 'e' and not an 'a' as in danke.

   4- Barns are huge - no wonder they can hold church services in them during warmer weather. Most are not painted the usual red we are accustomed to, but in their natural wood color.
       As we drove along the pastoral farm roads we came upon a young bearded Amish man in a two seat open buggy, he gave us a big friendly smile and waved to us. I wanted to be respectful of their rule about picture-taking, so took the pic while he was further down the road. 

Finally we came upon a group of Amish men unloading hay.  They had their summer straw hats on.
And last but not least, one comes upon a few signs like this...not found in any other place but an Amish area...
My next visit there will be some time in the autumn...stay tuned. "Denki."


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