Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Amish Tomatoes-

   Picked up two large juicy tomatoes while visiting the Amish area last week, at: Country View Grocery store, formerly, J.R.'s Groceries, in Fort Plain, NY on our way to Stone Arabia. It's run by Amish. There are no baked goods or Amish gifts, etc. Just some produce, aisles of lower priced canned and jarred items,a table of dented canned items and other such bargains, as well as a cold cuts section.
    Sorry, folks. No photos allowed there, so all I have to show are the tomato sandwiches I made for my hubby to take to work today, ready to go into their sandwich bags. 
    Note how red they are.  Umm good! Esp. with some fresh basil and balsamic dressing.
     So, if you're ever traveling through an Amish area, try some of their home grown tomatoes.

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